Why I wouldn’t be without homeopathy during Covid19

Apr 9, 2020

Adi Howarth Homeopath

Homeopathy has been my constant companion for 20 years

I bought my first homeopathy kit when I was 21.

I was going to build a cob house on a piece of land in the desert with my boyfriend Simon and his best friend Simon.

I was amazed by all the little bottles with their printed labels:

Arnica for bruising, Hypericum for puncture wounds, Apis for stings, Bryonia for headaches, Belladonna for fevers, and on and on they went.


A remedy for everything

When I got to the Uk, I sought the help of a homeopath.

I was having some digestive troubles and felt very homesick.

She helped me with my grief with some tiny white pills of Pulsatilla Nigricans. Within a few months I felt well again, stronger and more settled.

I was so impressed I decided to study homeopathy, which took 4 years.

The more I used homeopathy the more my health improved. Not only did my physical health improve. I stopped getting so many seasonal colds and digestive troubles.

My overall emotional health also improved. Less anxiety and a greater sense of wellbeing.

With the help of my homeopath, I also used homeopathy to heal the grief of miscarriage, and improve my fertility.  We conceived our daughter just a few days after starting some endocrine balancing homeopathic remedies

The greatest challenge is this

I know that homeopathy builds stronger immune systems.

I have seen it with my own health and in that of my clients.

I know that homeopathy helps improve resilience towards flu and viruses- shortening both the length of an illness and the severity.

I have seen this also in my practice.

I know, that homeopaths, and ordinary folk all around the world are right now treating coronavirus cases every day and seeing improvements.

But I am not meant to say it can treat anything.

If I do, I run the risk of having my website taken down, my social media posts blocked and being trolled. 


The Cuban government have released a homeopathic remedy called PrevengHo-Vir to help protect their vulnerable members of society.

This is called homeoprophylaxis, and has been used safely in other countries to prevent outbreaks of cholera, leptospirosis, dengue fever and diptheria . 

Homeopathy is cheap, non toxic and has no side effects . Surely, this is at least worth looking at here, and offering to our hardworking NHS staff and other people on the frontline?


A new paradigm for health

At this major turning point in history, could now be a time when we finally start working together? 

What if we combine all the diverse skills and tools we have available to us to create a new paradigm for health?

Imagine a healthcare system that is integrative: using both the wisdom of the ancient traditions as well as scientific advancement.

One that is as diverse as we are as a species, and recognises we are more than just physical.

One that recognises our body-mind, our energy system and is connected and in tune with the natural world.

What would it look like if we created an integrative healthcare system which included

  • Western Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbalism
  • Osteopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Nutritional Therapy and 
  • Bodyworkers


I know that homeopathy is not a placebo

I can feel it when I take the right remedy. It’s a bit like an energy boost. My system immediately feels a little more vital, yet clear.  My symptoms start to improve, and I feel different.

I have seen homeopathy treat many different things. 

In my experience, it is a remedy for loneliness, fear and anxiety.

A remedy to heal shock, grief and feelings of worthlessness.

A remedy to strengthen and support the lungs and heart, calm the nervous system and quiet the mind.

An amazing medicine for these times.

Would you like to know how homeopathy could help you right now?


Book a FREE 15 minute appointment with me to get CLARITY.

I offer Zoom or face-time sessions for all my homeopathic consultations, and treat clients all over the world.



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