Isn’t it time to listen to your body?

How would you like to feel rebalanced, restored and free of pain?

I tailor each treatment to your individual needs, whether it be to help you with recovery from injuries, provide relief from chronic pain, treat your emotional wellbeing, or simply to nourish and restore.

I have trained with the most advanced teachers in the field of Clinical Massage who have travelled the world studying both Eastern and Western methods to create bespoke treatments that are extremely effective.

1:1 Bodywork Sessions


Combines cutting edge Eastern and Western techniques, including deep effleurage, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, myofascial release, stretching and deep tissue work.

Similar to sports and remedial massage, but always working gently and effectively rather than creating more pain and stress in the body.

This is for you if you are recovering from an injury, have repetitive strain, or for any chronic pain conditions.

In the first consultation I will take a full case history from you, which will take into account previous injuries, postural imbalances, your psychological emotional health and areas of stress in your life.

The most effective results come from a course of treatment, usually between 3-6 sessions. 


Works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. By helping release pain in the body’s muscle and connective tissue. It relieves held in knots and tension, and restores harmony in the body. Deep tissue massage can stimulate the subtle energy channels which can help push out long-held trauma.


To restore balance within your body, while taking into account your whole being, not just your physical symptoms or ailments. Each treatment is a nurturing combination of therapeutic touch and massage which are adapted to your needs. It can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the desired outcome which we decide together.


A very effective technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue restrictions, to eliminate pain and restore motion. Helps release deep held emotional trauma, shock, chronic pain, and scar adhesions and encourages the body to unwind and become more free.


A sublime massage using smooth, flat, heated basalt stones to warm the muscles and work deeply into the tissues. The magnesium in the volcanic stones brings about a state of deep relaxation and wellbeing, and helps with recovery from injuries. The heat from the rocks improves circulation and assists the lymphatic system in detoxification.




60 mins £60


90 mins £85

Luxury Hot Stones Treatment


90 mins £85

blossoms on trees in stanmer park after massage

Massage therapy takes place at my home clinic in Lewes.

 You can also take some times out to slow down after your massage.

There are many green walks, around Lewes especially near the River Ouse, and lots of lovely cafes in Lewes town. There are free parking spaces on the road near my house. 

Adi is for me the body whisperer – heavenly interweaving of hands intuition and anatomical science. After many years of suffering from lower back pain I found Adi – her professionalism, skillfulness and highly intuitiveness restored the innate healing power of my body.

Magdalena Oprea

I was stuggling to heal my shoulder and was experiencing a great deal of pain.  It was a Godsend to discover Adi.  Walking through Stanmer Park enjoying the beauty of all the seasons arriving at the clinic was an added bonus to the amazing treatment that I received from Adi.  I was alsways welcomed into a calm, gentle space.  Adi has a lovely presence and the power of a magic touch.  She helped me heal and offered a great deal of relief and I shall be forever grateful.

Eileen Riley

I have alot of tension in my neck and shoulders, and Adi is a marvel at releasing these. She goes out

of her way to listen to any issues you may have and follows up with techniques to resolve these issues. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only is Adi a lovely and fun person, she is also very strong and massages deeply which is something I really appreciate. I also love going up to Stanmer Park for my treatments , and her room is light , airy and cocoon like. Mmm… not long till the next one.

Bridgeen Boize

Adi’s massage has all the aspects I want from a treatment ; a warm bed, hot stones, completely held and supported, deep yet sensitive, beautiful smells …

Kate Chapman

Thank you for my massage Adi. I really appreciate your skilled work. I love the way you connected everything to what my body was doing. I can’t wait for my next treatment!

Zac Cryer