Integrative Homeopathy 

Do you want to feel emotionally resilient and centred most days of the month?

It’s time to dive deep and address the root causes of your hormonal imbalances.

Stop being busy, or taking pills that just cover up your symptoms.

I want you to get healthy and stay healthy, and you are an integral part of that process.


These sessions centre around homeopathy, homeo-botanical herbs and functional nutrition with a focus on personalised care.

I suggest a minimum of 3/4 appointments to really start seeing results but I expect you will feel improvement after the first appointment.

I know how important it is for you to find the right therapist to work with.

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Adults Initial Consultation (1hr20mins) £95

Follow Ups (50 mins) £65


Homeobotanicals (organic herbs) £20


Children Initial ( 6o mins) £60

Follow ups (45 mins) £50


Postage and packaging for Lewes clinics and Zoom clients £5

Although I specialise in women's health I also work with men and children and treat all sorts of conditions.