Abdominal Sacral Massage for Women

Your hormones are out of whack and your emotions are all over the place

Anxiety and self doubt are sky high

Past traumas are coming back to haunt you

Your body is changing

You are struggling with bloating 

And your deepest secret is that you still don’t feel connected to yourself as a woman


Abdominal Sacral Massage for women is a deep, gentle and rejuvenating massage of the sacral , digestive and reproductive areas of your body.

Amazing in menopause, and for any time in a women’s life.

With ancestral roots in Norse, Ancient Egypt and South American Shamanic traditions this type of massage has been practised for thousands of years in different cultures.

The massage brings the organs of the pelvis into alignment, enervating the tissue and allowing fresh blood, nerves, lymph and energy flow.

It also enables the digestive system to clear out any unwanted debris which may be lingering and becoming toxic.

As well as releasing toxic emotions and the memory of past traumas which are often held in the abdomen and sacral areas.

For emotional health and wellbeing

For sexual health

For menstrual health

For fertility

For gut health

For trauma

For post operative healing and scartissue




60 mins £60


90 mins £85

blossoms on trees in stanmer park after massage

Massage therapy takes place either on the edge of the woods in Stanmer Park, or in Lewes.

If you come to my treatment space in Stanmer , you can also take some times out to slow down after your massage.

There are many green walks, and 3 cafes in the park with plenty of space to sit in Nature. There are parking spaces just near my house. Ask me about free parking vouchers.

“ I have felt deeply connected to myself, and more creative. I felt in the mood for meditation for the first time in ages which I did. My breathing is deep. I’d love another one!”

“I felt very relaxed. My bowel movements are better. I am standing up for myself and speaking out rather than keeping quiet”