Healing grief in menopause with homeopathy

May 8, 2019

woman holding death mask, healing grief in menopause with homeoapathy

When Sarah came to see me, she was at the tail end of her menopause.

She had been in peri-menopause for about 8 years and was just coming through the other side of it.

Her periods had stopped over a couple of years, and she had not had any uncomfortable physical symptoms.

She was a strong woman and in good physical health.


But there was still some unfinished business.

Sarah had suffered a number of griefs in her life. Her father had a breakdown in her teens, and became violent and an alcoholic. This coincided with leaving her childhood home, and move in with an aunty she didn’t get on with. It was a huge loss. The end of her childhood, her family and her home all in one go.

A part of her had never recovered from this. Later on, she had married and carried a child to full term who had then been stillborn. 10 days later her Mum had died.

Sarah came to see me because she felt she was going insane, and was having premonitions that she was about to die.

We uncovered the root cause of her mental emotional panic and distress. It was actually the unexpressed grief at the significant losses she had had. There had been no time and space to grieve.

“ I haven’t dealt with things. I have been escaping into fantasy.”

I prescribed homeopathic remedies that focus on allowing and processing grief, over a number of appointments.

Sarah finally came to a place of comfort once she releases and expressed the grief.

Some of the processing happened in dreams, in which she met her child that had passed away. It also happened in our consultations. In life, she had also been to visit his grave again and had shed more tears and released the grief that way.

Once this period of mourning was done, she could begin to move on in her life and the feeling she was about to die stopped.


Peri/menopause is a time when many unresolved issues arise.

There may be grief about missed opportunities, not having children or about getting older. Old suppressed grief might also resurface to be felt and released.

Symptoms of unexpressed grief can arise on a physical, mental or emotional level. Menopause provides a wonderful opportunity to heal these things and become stronger. 

“ I have been rebuilding myself from the ashes” she said towards the end of treatment.

Our homeopathic remedies are able to help shift and heal parts of ourselves that are unwell, whether due to toxicity or past trauma. This allows us to become healthy and more vital again. It actually takes up more of our energy to suppress grief than to allow it.

If you have been experiencing sadness or grief in your peri-menopause do get in touch and book a free 15 minute consultation with me.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know why you are sad. We can unravel that together in the course of treatment.

Please share this post with any of your women friends who are in menopause.

Published with kind permission of the client. Personal details have been changed.



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