Helping anxiety with Homeopathy and self care

Oct 12, 2022

What we do every day is what matters

Coming for regular bodywork and homeopathy is great for anxiety , but it’s what we do every day that counts.

With so many fear based messages out there in the media, it is important to keep coming back to centre.

There is a lot of anxiety around at the moment and it is easy to become absorbed in it.

And I am not suggesting we ignore what is going on in the world.

I know you want to stay connected and checked in because it matters to you.

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford a therapeutic session every week or twice a week in order to keep resetting ourselves.

So what can we do to help anxiety?

Allow spaces throughout your day for your nervous system to down-regulate.

No need to wait until the end of your work day to go to your yoga class.

Although thats also amazing.

Introduce a 1 minute practise every hour

Here are some examples

  1. 1 minute bodyscan meditation
  2. 1 minute of shaking your body
  3. 1 minute of stretching
  4. 1 minute of star jumps
  5. 1 minute of foot massage with a spiky massage ball
  6. 1 minute of dancing to your favourite track

Homeopathy for anxiety

My 3 top remedies

  1. Aconite 30C- fear /panic attacks
  2. Arsenicum 30C – feeling anxious about money or health
  3. Phosphorous 30C – going into a panic after watching or reading the news

Try one or two doses of each if you notice you have gone into anxious thinking.

This can often be enough to bring you out of your thinking and back into your body.


Chamomile, fennel or lemon balm teas are all grounding and nourishing for your nervous system.

If you are finding that even by bringing in nourishing practises for yourself you are still struggling with anxiety, do get in touch !

Adi Howarth is a homeopath, community herbalist and bodyworker based in Sussex and also treating people internationally via Zoom. You can book a FREE 20 minute appointment with her Here, or get in touch by email


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