Hard times require furious homeopathy

Nov 3, 2023

I borrowed the words from the title of a collection of Poems by Alice Walker called “Hard Times require furious dancing” . I know I am meant to be writing about homeopathy, however the sentiment remains the same.

I do literally think that’s the best thing to do !

In difficult times there is nothing to do but dance, also …use homeopathy .

Although, I am a little biased.

There is no getting away from it, these are difficult times, and we need all the tools we can get.

Moving our bodies is an antidote and a medicine for releasing the deep emotions that are stirred. 

Indigenous peoples have always known this, and dance to move stuck-ness. Alice Walker talks about this more in this beautiful piece of writing here.

Animals and children shake to release stress and trauma, and we have forgotten how to do this.

Another way of working with releasing emotion is massage.

Especially when we have no words for what we are feeling but we know we are feeling it.

As one of my amazing massage teachers Rachel Fairweather always said “The issue is in the tissues”.

I know I for one have been feeling overwhelmed at times recently.

I use homoepathy and herbs to help with the grief, worry and rage that can get triggered by events beyond my control.

In my experience the remedies gently help to release trapped emotions.

Sometimes the signs will be through an angry outburst or tears.

Other times it can be more physical , a brief fever or a mild rash. This is a sign that the body is resetting itself.

What does this have to do with hormones or peri-menopause?

The number one way our hormones get imbalanced is through stress.

Stuck or unexpressed emotions create stress in the body.

So find a way to move and shake it off.

And get in touch and find out how these remedies can help you release and process emotions.

You can also book a bodywork session at my clinic in Lewes by dropping me an email on the link below.



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