Building your immune system in peri-menopause, Covid19

Mar 12, 2020

Use homoepathy and healthy eating to build immunity

There are many ways to skin a cat. 

Segregation and prevention are one way of dealing with the current covid19 outbreak. 

Another, is looking at how we can strengthen and support our immune systems to deal more effectively with any viruses and ensure that the conditions are not right for their survival. 


With homeopathy, we focus on building and enriching the soil, our body.


Peri-Menopause is a time when our immune systems are in need of some extra support. Fluctuating hormones mean our body is constantly changing so our immune function might not be as stable as it usually is. 

Disrupted sleep patterns, increased anxiety and stress all deplete our immune systems and these are also common symptoms of peri-menopause.

What can you do yourself to strengthen your immune system now?



80% of our immune function is based in our gut. Digestion is often upset in peri-menopause due to excess hormones having to be processed. 

Introduce fermented foods to help with digestion and consider probiotics if you have a history of gut problems or have taken antibiotics.

Homeopathy will also be able to help rebuild your gut health using constitutional remedies and specific remedies which support and rebalance the gut. 



Now is a good time to clean up your diet, remove things that may weaken your digestion and liver. Wheat, sugar and processed foods are often culprits. Alcohol and sugar also suppress the immune system and overload the liver.

Eat a rainbow of vegetables. Variety is key. 



Here are my top supplements which we are all taking in our house. 

  1. Vitamin D3 from Higher Nature
  2. Immune Support from Wild Nutrition – contains medicinal mushrooms, elderberry and zinc
  3. Multi strain biotic from Wild Nutrition



I know this is easier said than done, but seriously take a look at what are your main stressors and see how you can reduce these and make your life more joyful and easy.

A calm nervous system strengthens your immunity. 




Book a FREE 15 minute chat to find out how homeopathy can help balance your hormones. Once the hormones are balanced your immune system will also be stronger, and will help all the other tricky symptoms like sleep, stress and anxiety. 

We also have remedies that have been proven to help with building resilience in Winter . You can ask me more about this. 

If you do start feeling sick. 

Stop, stay home, get rest and drink plenty of fluids.  

Buy your own homeopathy kit now from the homoepathic pharmacy, so you can nip colds in the bud as soon as they start. 

Homeopathy has a proven track record of treating colds and flu-like symptoms all around the world.

Book an appointment with me today to find out more about how homeopathy can help your immune system. 

Above all, may you be well, may you be happy . 




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