Your resilient immune system

Sep 16, 2020

Healthy foods for supporting immune system

Your immune system is an incredibly sophisticated and resilient creature ! She has taken thousands of years to develop.

Even science admits they still know so little about her.

From Summer to Autumn she is constantly adapting to the sudden weather changes, so we can become more balanced.

Why does one person get sick and another doesn’t?

We are all completely different.

If each of our bodies were dissected right now, we would discover a totally  different soup of microbes inside our body.

This means we all have a unique way of responding to illness.


In homeopathy we call this susceptibility

Even if we are all exposed to the same thing we will not all get sick.

But what if you are already susceptible to colds and flu?

The good news is that over time, with homeopathy you can change your susceptibility to any illness.

You will no longer respond to illness in the same way.

By working functionally we look at what might be at the root causes of your susceptibility.


gut health





genetic predisposition

chronic stress

Homeopathic remedies work by clearing out your system and bringing it back into balance.

The time it takes will vary from person to person depending on what has been going on.

What you can do right now to help your immune system


Rest and get enough quality sleep at night

Reduce your stress

Supplement Vitamin D3 over Autumn, Winter and Spring

Focus on Gut health with fermented foods, and possibly pre and probiotics

Eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables so you are getting enough zinc and vitamin C

Get in touch if you would like to support your immune system and change your susceptibility to illness.

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