8 Cold Busting Remedies for your family

Feb 16, 2017

As the Daffs and Crocuses pop their fresh heads from the earth, and the light returns, we feel the hope of Spring again. Our bodies mirror this and do all they can to discard any last debris from our bodies so we can start afresh. The common cold is another way Nature helps us to do this. All we need to do is allow ourselves to rest and eat well, but this is easier said than done for many of us and symptoms often linger or become uncomfortable. Here are my top 7 homeopathic cold busting remedies.


Really useful in the first 24 hrs, especially if you have been exposed to cold, dry weather. The symptom can be intense, often with a high fever worse around midnight, and panic. There might be a painful swallowing, dryness, croupy cough, sneezing and a thirst for cold drinks.


Ferrum Phos is also great early onset of colds – take it hourly at the first sense of chilliness or twinge of a sore throat or sneeze and often find just one dose is enough for the symptoms to pass so listen in to your body and your responses to the remedy.



Remedy made from the onion ! Will have lots of sneezing, streaming eyes and nose, discharge from eyes is bland, but discharge from nose is burning and you might see redness or soreness around the nose. Often has a headache, better for being outside, worse in a stuffy room.


Like Allium there is also burning, watery discharge from the nose. The person will also feel very chilly/shivery and sensitive to drafts which may cause them to sneeze. They will be better for the warmth and thirsty but only for sips of cold water. There may be restlessness and anxiety.


Gelsemium is useful for a heavy cold that develops slowly often in warm, damp weather like we get in Springtime. The person might feel very sluggish, tired and have a heavy head and limbs. There might also be chills, and aching in the limbs, also the no 1 Flu remedy.


Pulsatilla is for a cold with thick bland yellow/green snot. The person will often feel very sorry for themselves, maybe even tearful and want sympathy and attention. There will be little thirst, and they might feel more blocked up inside and while the nose runs outside and they feel better outside.


Nux is a very common remedy where there is lots of sneezing and irritability, and extremely cold. The nose is often blocked at night but runs in the day. Can come on after a period of excessive mental or emotional stress, over partying or after indulging in sweet foods, alcohol or drugs.


Hep Sulph is for the later stages where there is thick yellow ropy mucous. The person is very affected by cold air, which can make them sneeze and their nasal passages ache. Generally are sensitive to everything and very irritable !


Nutritional help for your cold

Eat foods that are nourishing , warming and easy to digest like soups, bone broths and casseroles. Keep your fluids up. Lemon, honey and ginger can be very soothing. Supplements like vitamin C and zinc, and the herbal remedy echinacea have been proven to help shorten the length and severity of a cold especially if taken as soon as symptoms start.

If things to do not clear with these remedies, or if you find your getting repeated colds which are depleting your system do get help from your friendly homeopath ! SCHEDULE IN A FREE CLARITY CALL WITH ME adi@project1-9j9yww6zui.live-website.com



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