Xmas, Menopause and Homeopathy

Dec 11, 2019

Depression at xmas in menopause

A funny time of year

It is meant to be the season of togetherness, joy, family and giving.  But Xmas also brings up depression and anxiety.

Depression in peri-menopause is also very real.

I was shocked to read that the biggest risk for suicide in women is between the age of 50-54.  This coincides with peri-menopause and menopause.


The risks of conventional treatment

Conventional treatments for depression and anxiety include anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.

Diazepam, also called Valium , comes with serious side effects. Valium carries a black box warning which is the most serious warning from the FDA.

HRT is also often prescribed for mental health issues in menopause, but also comes with an increased risk of breast cancer . It is also not always effective for depression or anxiety.

Homeopathy carries no risks or side effects.

With the shortage of HRT in the Uk at the moment, it is a really good time to be looking at natural alternatives.


What can homeopathy do for depression and mental health in peri-menopause?

Homeopathic treatment includes homeopathic remedies which are directed to the underlying root cause of the depression.

  • Is it hormonal?

  • Is it to do with trauma?

  • Is it to do with your feeling around getting older?

  • Is it to do with your body changing?

  • Is it to do with lack of sleep?

  • Is it to do with your diet needing a boost?

  • Is it to do with heavy bleeding depleting your system?

I always look for what is the root cause of your low moods.  Then we create a plan that includes homeopathic remedies, supplements and herbs to support and improve your health.

We also look at creating healthier lifestyle habits.

Homeopathic remedies are able to break up stuck patterns and help you move forward.


The consultation is therapeutic

We have a consultation every 3/ 4 weeks. I aim to provide a safe non-judgemental space for you to be heard. 

Together we make a therapeutic connection which is healing.  

This is in no way a quick fix.

If you are struggling with depression , having support from lots of modalities will be necessary to help you get back on track. The journey is so very worth it.


“What will you do with your one precious life?” Mary Oliver


Please do get in touch if you would like to know more about how I work.

You can book a FREE 15 minute consultation with me here so you can see whether we are a good fit for working together. I am also an Advanced Clinical Massage therapist and bring a bodymind based approach to my homeopathic work.

I also offer Skype and Telephone appointments if you are not local to Brighton.


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