Homeopathy can help mental health

Jul 5, 2016

photograph of woman overcoming anxiety with homeopathic support

It is so interesting that the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week in 2017 will be Living with Change and looking at how this impacts on mental health. Dealing with the effects of change and transition are the most common thing I treat with clients in my practise today. Both in adults and children, this is often a tricky point which can cause stress or illness.

We experience change in our lives due to natural transitional phases such as getting married, births , becoming a parent or death. We also come into contact with change in our work situations, homes or with our relationships and sometimes these can come as a surprise.

One of my clients had received some bad news that one of her family members had cancer, she was finding it hard to sleep at night, she would break down into spasmodic tears in mid conversation which she attempted to bring under control. She did not want anyone to comfort her. After a few doses of the remedy Ignatia, she was feeling more centred and happy and able to deal with the news. “ I feel so much calmer and more myself again” She said.

Elizabeth was 27 years old when she came to see me, she was experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and fatigue. She was due to be leaving the country soon and was feeling worried about starting a new life. With a combination of constitutional treatment, the remedy Phosphorous helped for the deeper support of the change and Arg Nit helped in the moment of the acute panic/anxiety situation. Within a few sessions, with homeopathic treatment the panic attacks had ceased, and she was feeling more grounded and optimistic about the change.

A little 5 year old girl in my practise was feeling worried about going to “big’ school”  She was struggling to get to sleep, creeping into bed with her parents and wanting to sleep with the light on. The remedy Lycopodium really helped her feel more secure and she sailed through into the new year with no problems.

Especially with living in these uncertain and changing times, becoming adaptable to change seems to be a good skill to have.

In a homeopathy appointment we speak about your life and the events which may be having an impact on your mental, emotional and physical health. I will prescribe you some remedies which will take all of this into account.

If you know anyone going through something similar I would be happy to talk with them about how homeopathy can help. Call me on 077 48491397 or adi@project1-9j9yww6zui.live-website.com to chat or book an appointment in Brighton  or on skype.



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