Actually, anger is a mild word for what women sometimes experience at their menopause.

Really, it’s more like RAGE .

and it a symptom that doesn’t often get a mention, but does come up a lot.

I mean how does one treat anger anyway ? It’s not a medical condition is it?

With homeopathy I can work with your anger in a number of ways.

On a physiological level, in menopause, when you get hormonal surges this can often flood your liver.  Your liver can become congested and that’s when we see the anger coming up.

There are other signs that your liver is a bit stuck trying to process and detoxify.

You might feel irritable, tired and foggy headed in the morning.  Other signs are nausea or indigestion, headaches and generally feeling a bit sluggish.

If you diet is rubbish, or you have been on medications, recreational drugs or just living a fast paced lifestyle working hard and feeling stressed this would also affect the health of your liver.

This are all clues that would point me in the direction of finding the best homeopathic remedies for you, to help support your liver to function better. Once your liver is processing and detoxifying your blood properly, your anger and irritability will also improve.

Acknowledging your anger

The other way I tend to work with your anger is to acknowledge it as a valid emotion and look at what is triggering it for you.  Are you expressing it?  If so, how are you doing this, and what do you feel like afterwards?

Suppressed anger is not healthy for us, and will lead to other health complications later on down the line. This will look different for everyone, but I have observed it as feeling depressed, low energy, acidity, indigestion, burning and  often in women, pelvic symptoms. I really enjoyed this book “The Language of Emotions ” that talks about the value of expressing our emotions for our wellbeing and health. Anxiety is another one that often comes up at menopause.

What I gather from women going through peri/menopause is they will no longer put up with the things they did before. Anger can be a healthy part of finally expressing that  “NO” and putting their own needs first.

In this way of working I would be looking at remedies that would help you express and process your anger so that it can move out of your system in a healthy way.

A medicine that heals body, mind and emotions

I really love how with homeopathy we are able to work on every level mental, emotional and physical all at the same time !

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