Homeopathy Detox Cleanse to Rejuvinate and Revitalise your January

Jan 8, 2018

Hummingbird Homeopathy Simple Cleanse

So it’s January, and New Years’ Resolutions are on peoples’ minds. After the decadence of xmas, there is a natural inclination to want to pair things back and get healthy again. There is a feeling of hope. This year I am going to lose that 10kg, this year I am going to get fit, this year I am going to start that project. Lots of people want to do a detox.

Facebook is awash with adverts for green smoothie packages, discounted massages, and retreats to warmer climates. Well that’s my feed anyway, and yes I did also jump on the bandwagon with creating my own Facebook detox package too !

Traditional Medicine

Detoxing is an ancient tradition which is even more relevant today. We are adapting fast as a species but there are toxins in our food chain, in the water and pollution in the air. Eating rich sugary foods, processed foods, drinking alcohol, caffeine and smoking also all add to our toxic load. It’s a great idea to do a detox a few times a year if possible. Spring and Autumn are usually the best times in the change of season, but just after xmas is also a really good time to do a gentle detox.

Some signs that you would benefit from a detox

  • Bloating/Indigestion
  • Feeling tired
  • Headaches
  • Angry
  • Foggy Headed
  • Skin problems
  • Catarrh

I love this simple homeopathic detox, and I wrote about it last year at this time. You can read it here .

How it works

These are remedies that work on the kidneys and liver strengthening them and helping them work better to process those toxins and flush them out of your body. In the week of the detox you would ideally eliminate any foods that might be aggravating your body. The usual culprits are wheat, any white processed foods, ie. white rice, white sugar white flour, dairy, alcohol and caffeine.

How it feels

You might experience a worsening of some of the symptoms you were already experiencing for example the headaches, grumpiness and foggy head. This is just a sign that the detox is working and toxins are being released. KEEP GOING ! Drink more water and include a green smoothie everyday and you will start to feel better.


This is a basic homeopathic detox. You will feel clearer and have more energy after this. Do you think a detox would help you?

If you want to know more about this or if you want help with doing a detox you can book a free 30 minute no obligation appointment here or call me on 07748491397, adi@humminbirdhomeopathy.com

Adi Howarth is a homeopath, massage therapist and Mum to 4 year old Nava living and practicing in the Brighton Lewes area and also treating homoepathy clients from all around the world using Skype.


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