Homeopathic Detox: a gentle way to cleanse the body

Jan 19, 2017

Image showing food to support a homeopathic detox

Its a New Year, and a time I love to vision a new dream for myself and my family. Maybe you want to start yoga again, get creative, lose weight, or move more slowly in your skin and spend more time laughing with friends. A simple homeopathic detox can be a great way to prepare yourself to make changes and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

Detoxification and fasting are ancient techniques, used by many cultures, but in recent years, detoxing has become super trendy, and people have gone to extremes in their quest for cleansing. I think its really important to look closely at what your intention is before your start and apply love, compassion and empathy towards yourself as you do it, so it doesn’t become another stick to beat yourself up with !

My 5 top reasons to do a detox

  • Wanting to improve health, energy levels and vitality

  • Help digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, reflux

  • Improve Brain function, concentration, focus and thinking

  • Changing eating habits to healthier ones

  • To prepare for and create change in any area of your life

Image showing food to support a homeopathic detox

I often get clients to do this detox at the beginning of treatment as its such a great way to have a spring clean of your system. It is a simple 7 day detox using two homeopathic remedies. The remedy Sulphur 6C is taken every morning before breakfast, and the remedy Nux Vomica 6C is taken in the evening before bed.

5 top foods/supplements to increase the homeopathic detox

  • Plenty of vegetables and fruit including an organic green smoothie daily

  • Switch to healthy wholegrains rather than processed such as white bread

  • Drink 2-3 litres of filtered water every day

  • Soaked nuts, seeds and grains

  • Consider probiotics, a good multivitamin, and omega 3 supplements

Image representing meal to support a homeopathic detoxThe detox is about nourishing and re-educating your body into healthy food habits. We also have to eliminate as many toxins to improve and assist in the detoxification process. Now we need to look at the foods which are the cause and aggravation of most allergies and many other health complaints and which provide no nutrition to our systems. In fact they actually leech nutrients from our bodies.

5 top foods to eliminate for the week

  • Sugar- also in the form of white rice, white bread, white pasta

  • Wheat

  • Dairy- particularly cows milk products

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine – coffee, tea

You might experience some side effects such as headaches, nausea , tiredness or increased emotions but these will all pass by the end of the week, and as your system becomes clearer you will feel brighter ! If you are enjoying the process you can continue for longer. The cravings for the “baddies” will decrease, sugar is more addictive than crack cocaine ! After your detox you can begin to include some delicious healthy alternatives like raw chocolate balls, flourless cakes and fruit sorbets.

There are many other ways to detoxify through homeopathy. Other remedies can be used to strengthen and support specific organs and systems, and also the emotions which often crop up around our eating habits. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss a tailor made treatment plan for you, or to find out how homeopathy can help you. I would love to hear from you, Email me at adi@project1-9j9yww6zui.live-website.com or call to arrange a free 15 minute consultation on 07748491397


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