How does homeopathy help child development?

Jun 4, 2018

Hummingbird Homeopathy Childrens Development

Little Bjorn just turned 1 year old.


Usually a big happy boy, with a friendly and calm personality, until recently. About a month before his first birthday, his Mum asked me to treat him as in recent weeks he had become grumpier, and difficult to please and his development seemed to be a bit blocked.

Bjorn was born naturally at home without any intervention. His mum had been breastfeeding and trying to move him onto solid food , but with some difficulty. He just wasn’t interested ! Poor Mum was getting quite tired out with all the night feeding and breastfeeding in the day.


Developmentally, he had also taken some time to sit up and certainly wasn’t interested in crawling yet.


Mostly he was still lying on his back.  He had also been having a real struggle with cutting his teeth and was very distressed about that. The more common homeopathic remedies for teething problems, Chamomilla and Pulsatilla had helped to a certain extent but not completely. His sleep was becoming broken in the night and he was more bad tempered in the day, nothing would please him. He was also getting outbreaks of skin rashes on his back which were quite itchy.

We looked at his Mum’s diet, which was already vegan and tried to see what else might be causing it. There definitely seemed to be some digestive and allergy issues which linked in with his development. I looked at Bjorn’s usual personality and temperament and all the symptoms he was displaying and prescribed some constitutional remedies which are deeper acting than the usual first aid remedies. I also recommended his Mum take him to Charlotte Amery, a health kinesiologist in Brighton, who I work with.  She also does allergy testing. This would help identify the foods that might be aggravating the condition and also help to rebalance his system alongside the homeopathy. So often it’s a combination of things that help a client, and kinesiology and homeopathy complement each other well.


Within a couple of weeks things were improving already, and the skin rash was gone, and a few more teeth came out. He just had his first birthday and has begun crawling, communicating verbally, asking for solid food and is back to his usual happy self !


It is amazing to see the improvement that happened in a very short space of time. Moving through development milestones can be difficult for children, and for adults too !

Homeopathy has the capacity to work very deeply to affect us from the inside to help stimulate our bodies own growth capabilities. This is why it works so beautifully with children. Here is another blogpost about how I use homeopathy with my daughter.

Homeopathy simply strengthens and builds the child’s system so that can do the work it is already trying to do itself.


I will be doing a talk on How we can build our children’s immunity at the Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic in Brighton on 13th June at 10am. 

Please contact me on to book your space or if you cant make the talk but would still like to find out more about how homeopathy could help you or your children you can book a free 20 minute discovery call here.

Skype appointments are also available if you don’t live in the Brighton area.

Get in touch to see how homeopathy can help your children



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