A day in the life of a Mama Homeopath

May 24, 2017

I love working with children, and it’s fascinating how their minds work. Their imagination is so abundant and way of seeing the world unique.  I am very lucky to be a Mama and have my 3 year old daughter who teaches me so much.

I thought I would share this little story to show how it is important not to assume things about people, or to take things at face value. The underlying root cause of an illness is not always what it seems to be.

The other day Nava came in to the house after jumping on the trampoline energetically for half and hour. “Mummy, I have a sore tummy” she said in a sad voice and with a downturned mouth. I had seen her through the window eating oat biscuits and then jumping furiously on the trampoline straight after so I presumed this was the reason for the tummy ache. I gave her a couple of doses of Nux Vomica which is a great remedy for stomach complaints which can come on after over indulgence or over doing it ! But a few minutes later no change in the tummy ache.

Hmm, not Nux then. So I probed further. She had been playing on the trampoline with her friend who she loves very much, but they would often argue. I was thinking of the remedy Colocynthis which can get stomach pain after getting angry. “Nava did something happen on the trampoline with Finn?”  But no, she wasn’t angry with him. “I was happy, jumping up and down on the trampoline.”

I was trying to clean up the kitchen and cook supper at the same time, so I gave her some Colocynthis anyway as I continued to do my jobs, but no improvement in the tummy ache, if anything worse ! She started crying from the pain.

Finally, I took her into the lounge and sat with her and held her, and being still seemed to really help. Ok… I got it ! If you need the remedy Bryonia, you would be better from lying quietly and not moving, and it is good for stomach pain especially if there is suppressed anger, or suppressed emotions. Gave Nava some Bryonia, and within minutes she was improving. I repeated the remedy, and it was totally gone ! Then she suddenly piped up and said : “ I was really cross with Daddy, because I wanted the whole biscuit and not half ! “ Ha ha the truth was out !

Once again, I was amazed at how quickly the remedies can work, and actually leave us in a better place that before. Nava was calm, and very clear in herself and able to express what she needed. Which was cuddling and sitting with her Mummy.

If you would like to know more about how homeopathy can help you, do get in touch. I am a homeopath working from Clinics in Brighton and from my home in Stanmer Village. adi@project1-9j9yww6zui.live-website.com


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