Healing Covid19 trauma with homeopathy

Jun 1, 2020

lifting emotions with homeopathy during lockdown

So, how are you really coping with lockdown, and the Covid19 pandemic, with it’s many repercussions.

Are you struggling with your moods?

Feeling deep grief, anger or anxiety?

Or perhaps you have just shut down and are feeling numb.

It’s ok, these are all completely understandable things to be experiencing at this time.

We are all going through a very intense situation that is challenging us in unbelievable ways.

There is a collective trauma which we are all experiencing in different ways. This is happening either directly,  or indirectly through the media or people we know.


Homeopathy can help


I have been working with clients during Covid19 to help release the shock, panic and fear which has been so pervasive.

We need to down regulate our nervous system to keep our immunity strong, and enable us to respond and adapt to to change.

Do get in touch if you feel like you are struggling with difficult emotions right now.

You are welcome to book a FREE 15 minute appointment HERE  if you would like to find out how we can work together.

Adi Howarth is a homeopath and a clinical massage therapist, based in Brighton and treating clients internationally using Zoom .


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