Being ok with change

Jun 18, 2018

I have spent most of my life striving to change things.

In my teens I wanted to change my school, my home and my parents. In my twenties I became an environmental activist and I tried to change the world. In my late twenties and thirties, I got into psychology, alternative medicine and self development and worked on changing my thoughts, my beliefs and my inner world. 

But what if we don’t need to change anything because everything is ok the way it is?


Yesterday I had this moment of bliss that I often get just before my period comes. It might last a few hours or a few minutes. It is a point of absolute contentment. I can see through the veils of time, through all the rhythms and patterns of my life and see how it all fits into a perfect place within the bigger schemes and movements of Nature and life itself. I felt an utter sense of peace and relief within myself .

I recently started my mindfulness practice again, and even 15 minutes a day is already having an effect on me.

I have also been reading a wonderful book “When Things Fall Apart ” by Pema Chodrin and its completely thrown things upside down for me. She says it’s impossible to get grounding under your feet because everything is changing all the time. 

In my homeopathy practice I am often working with people to get grounded, and occupy their bodies again after trauma or living a fast paced lifestyle both with remedies and massage. The idea that we can’t find a grounding because things are ever in flux is a novel one for me, and one that has planted a new way of looking at things.

It inspires me to lean into change and be ok with it.


That in fact nothing is certain and if we can come to terms with this concept then it might help us let go of the struggle which can lead to anxiety or a breakdown of mental emotional health.

I often work with clients during times of transition. Losing a loved one, ending a career, moving house or going into menopause are all transitions which can be really difficult for us. I do find that homeopathic remedies can be very effective at helping to centre us when we are going through challenging times, and seeking out support and holding during these points very helpful. We all need help from time to time in our lives and homeopathy can treat mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I offer a safe space to be heard and held, and remedies to support your process.

I would love to hear from you if you are going through some changes which are challenging to you.

Why not book a free 20 minute discovery call to find out how homeopathy could be of help to you during times of transition?

Adi Howarth is a homeopath and massage therapist working from the Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic in Brighton as well as her home clinic in Stanmer Village.

Skype and Phone Appointments are also available.


  1. Jack Cryer

    Lovely article – thanks, Adi.
    I often ask myself that question (in various guises) – “What if, actually, this situation is alright?” “What if things are fine as they are…?” Very helpful thinking and a little nudge to restart my mindfulness practise (although I have been enjoying some very lovely mindful walks lately! Nice and slow and present – just great!) X

    • Adi Howarth

      Thank you Jack! Yes it’s a good one to consider as another option in the situation. Mindful walking sounds just perfect too.

  2. Sally

    What a great Article Adi, I thoroughly soaked this up! And I enjoyed your comment about that point of bliss – I believe it is always there, if only we would look in, and breathe. Thank you,

    • Adi Howarth

      Thanks for your comments Sally, I am glad you enjoyed it !


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