Balance your immune system naturally

Oct 16, 2020

we are the same as nature

I have been banging on in my newsletter recently about how coming back into connection with Nature helps our immune system.

We are pretty much made of the exact same stuff as Nature itself.

90 % genetically similar to cats, and 60% similar to bananas !

The DNA of all plants and animals , including humans can be traced back to a common ancestor.

Like it or not, we are Nature.

And spending time in Nature has a harmonising effect on us humans.

Our bodies release endorphins which lower stress and make us feel happy.

There are other benefits too.

It activates our parasympathetic nervous system and triggers all our healing capacities. And specifically, it supports and regulates our immune function.

So how can we come into connection with Nature ?


Spend time in Nature every day

Forest bathing “Shinrin Yoko” is well recognised in Japan for its health benefits, and involves spending time in forests.

Allow sunshine to fall on your face every day

20 minutes of full sunshine on the forehead enables the pineal gland to produce melatonin. This helps our immune system, and with sleep and more.

Get your hands in the earth

By coming into contact with microbes in the soil our gut becomes more resilient

Eat seasonal and local

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables attunes us to the natural cycles.

Foods available in season are the ones that provide the exact combination of nutrients we need at that time of year. Local foods grown in the soil near where you live will provide the best microbial nourishment to you.

What about through our choice of medicines?

The sooner we accept how similar to Nature we are, the sooner we will realise that natural medicine is a great choice for us.

Medicines made from Nature have a naturally synergistic effect on our immune systems.

Of course Western Medicine also has a valid place, and can be life saving. Many pharmaceuticals are in fact derived from Nature, but are highly synthesised.

By choosing homeopathic remedies and herbs as our medicines we are reconnecting with Nature, and all of life itself.

Do get in touch if you would like to book a free 15 minute consultation with me. I am a homeopath and massage therapist based in Brighton,Uk treating clients internationally using Zoom obsessed with natural health and wellbeing !


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