You feel shaky, heart pounding..

The noises around you seem too loud. Your chest feels tight, your thoughts are racing. You need to get out. Your colleague is talking to you but you can’t concentrate.  You are feeling the pressure of work and all you have to do, but how are you going to do it? You are starting to panic.

Sound familiar?

There are many ways to help anxiety, but one of the surprising things you can do is keep your blood sugar balanced.

When you eat a high sugar food, it causes your blood sugar to spike. Your body produces the hormone insulin to quickly bring down the sugar levels. This is known as the “ sugar crash”.

Your stress hormones, adrenalin and cortisol are then released in response. This will leave you feeling shaky, jittery and anxious, and ultimately tired and hungry. If you reach for that chocolate biscuit next, the whole cycle begins again.

By just keeping your blood sugar balanced you can do a lot to help your anxiety.

4 Simple changes you can make

1. Eat breakfast, lunch and supper at the same time every day to set your body clock

2. Include lots of vegetables/fruit , a healthy protein source and a small amount of wholegrain

3. If you are hungry between meals, have a snack with protein in it ie. a boiled egg, some mixed nuts, hummus on an oat cake

4. Eliminate refined sugar or drastically reduce it.  This includes white flour and white rice

I really like this diagram from the Hemsley Sisters Book ” The Art of Eating Well “ as a guide to eating in a balanced way.

If you are finding that you are constantly cycling in sugar ups and downs and you are struggling with your anxiety, homeopathy can help.

If you don’t break this pattern, in the longterm it could result in unwanted weightgain, diabetes, lowered immunity, exhaustion or other hormone related problems.

Your diet is an such an important foundational building block, but there are also many homeopathic remedies which focus on improving your blood sugar and anxiety at the same time.

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