Jun 30, 2021

I wonder when did we first learn to over-ride our body’s messages to us?

Did it happen in childhood?

When we were forced to eat because it was supper time, and not because we were hungry.

Was it when one of our parents said we should share our toys even though every inch of us was screaming inside NO !

Maybe at school, we were continually told to sit down, even though it felt like a firework of energy going off inside our bodies.

There are so many subtle ways this message gets drummed into us, with varying degrees of kindness.

We learn to over ride these signals and messages from our body in order to conform.

If we are tired, we do not rest or slow down. We just drink another cup of tea, eat a chocolate and carry on. 

What I am learning, in myself and with clients is that this has a cost to our health.

It will come out somewhere.

It could be that you just can’t sleep at night, your periods are all over the place, painful. Your moods – you are snappy , irritable and just have no patience.

Or crying all the time.

On the other end of things, completely exhausted, can’t quite get going in the morning without that first cup of coffee.

There is a point at which the body will move to a shout if it is not heard.

Although it’s a sobering read, in Gabor Mates’ ” When the BODY SAYS NO” he also makes this point and backs it up with many case examples and scientific evidence.

Why wait ?

What is your body telling you now?

What is it trying to communicate to you?

“There is a wisdom in our bodies” Walter Cannon, physiologist

I know it can be hard to trust the messages, especially if you have been ill for a while and things just don’t seem to be getting better. 

But really your body is an incredible and complex system with many self-healing mechanisms in action.

Quite often we have simply put obstacles in it’s path.

Your body might need a bit of clearing out, a deep rest and better nourishment , other times diving deep into the roots of trauma.

But it’s always about making space to listen.

I use an integrative approach to health and healing using homeopathy, herbs and functional nutrition. Do get in touch if you would like to know more adi@adihowarth.com


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