Treating yourself at home, and when to call your homeopath?

Apr 19, 2019

Using homeopathy at home with Adi Howarth Homeopath

Stage 1

Acute Illnesses/Minor illnesses

Short term illnesses that come on suddenly and are usually caused by an external force.

  • accidents/injuries/operations

  • viral illnesses and bacterial infections

You can treat these yourself with your own homeopathy kit, and a good book. I really like Tricia Allens book , or lots of my clients also swear by The Family Guide to Homeopathy by Andrew Lockie.

If you are stuck with which remedy choice you are welcome to book a free 15 minute consultation with me here to get some help. Always speak to your own homeopath first though if you are already under treatment.


Stage 2

Recurrent Infections

Things that keep coming up and returning. You can often treat these yourself with homeopathic remedies. For example digestive issues, headaches or period problems.

If they keep returning, it’s because you need a deeper acting remedy that looks at the bigger picture of your health. What are your obstacles to permanent recovery? What is going on with you mentally, emotionally and physically?

You will need the expertise of a homeopath to help prescribe a deeper acting remedy.

It’s also important at this stage not to use medication that suppresses these symptoms. This will force an infection to go deeper into your system and can result in chronic health problems.


Stage 3

Chronic Illness

These are ongoing health problems that do not resolve.  You are in a constant state of ill health to a lesser or greater degree. Your system is imbalanced, and cannot bring itself back to health without a boost . You might be on medication that removes your symptoms, but does not get to the root cause of the imbalance.

You would definitely need a homeopath at this stage to help unpick and unravel your health. It will take different lengths of time to resolve depending on the state of your health and vitality and the amount of medication involved. You will however usually start feeling some improvement soon.

We are often looking at boosting and strengthening at this stage, and clearing out toxins that may be blocking your system returning to health.

I hope this helps you to make the decision about when to seek the help of a homeopath.

Book a FREE 15 minutes consultation if you are still not sure, or you can ask questions in the comments box below.

Just remember you CAN treat MANY minor ailments at home.  That is the beauty of homeopathy, so get out there and buy yourself a kit and get started !


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