So, your libido has left the building.

Your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is trying everything to get your attention, but nothing is working.. it’s starting to cause tension in the house. You are questioning your relationship, your body and your life ! No matter what you do, you seem to be dead inside.

Low libido is quite a common symptom that pops up in the peri-menopause, and one that causes a lot of concern.

Hormone cocktail

If we look at the hormones themselves in peri-menopause we know that things are changing.   The sex hormones that make up the main libido cocktail, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are all in a state of flux and are decreasing with age. This can affect libido.

Chronic stress also has a large role to play. When we are stressed we either produce too much cortisol or too little cortisol which has a direct impact on our libido.

So it’s not just the peri-menopause or our relationships that are to blame.

But what can we do about it?

Balance your hormones

Well according to Dr Sarah Gottfried, the key to more than 75 % of low libido is to do with hormones misfiring. You can read more about this in her article here

How can we fix it ? Simple. By balancing our hormones.

This is where the homeopathy comes in.

Homeopathic remedies balance your hormones naturally, so you can get your mojo back. You tell us the symptoms you are presenting with, and we find a remedy or a group of remedies that will be able to re-boot your system so that everything is working harmoniously again. 

Sepia 200C is wonderful for restoring libido, and has certainly helped me on occasion ! This is not always the best remedy though, as each person is unique and treatment is individualised.

The time it takes to work will also depend on each person, chronic stress can take some time to heal.

Yes, there might be other factors to consider ; healing trauma, detoxing the pill, or looking at difficult dynamics within your relationship. With homeopathy we can treat your mental, emotional and physical symptoms at the same time.

The peri-menopause does not have to be a death sentence for your libido. Why not try homeopathy to see how it can benefit you today?

You can book a free 15 minute consultation with me here to find our how homeopathy can help you. All conversations are completely confidential.