Stye on eye treated naturally after birth of baby

Apr 16, 2017

Rose came to see me for homeopathy 3 weeks after the birth of her second daughter Delilah to treat a stye which had developed on her eyelid.

She had a natural home birth with no intervention. Although the birth had gone well, and baby was healthy and happy, Rose was still feeling very tired and rundown and the stye had developed a week or two after baby was born.

In the consultation we always look at all the factors which could be affecting the person and how it all started, as well as a full case history. We chatted about her pregnancy, which was good although she had been stressed at times worrying about how it would be with 2 children? As she had a little one already she felt she had no space to fully explore these emotions. She couldn’t rest as much as she had with her first daughters pregnancy. Her partner was also going through a difficult time, so it was not possible to be able to lean on him in the same way.

I prescribed some homeopathic remedies based on the mental, emotional and physical picture, and saw her a few weeks later. Her eye was much better, there was no discharge  and it didn’t hurt anymore. Without any conventional medication the stye had gone.

The interesting thing was that she had been more emotional and tearful in the weeks since I had last seen her. Often this is the case when we use homeopathic remedies. The emotions need to come out for healing to occur. In our daily lives we don’t always give space to feelings or thoughts that don’t fit in to the pace of our routine. If these feelings are suppressed they can show up as an illness of some sort. I remember in my own pregnancy going through so many fears, and emotions. Of course it is different for everyone but I found it really helps to talk things though with someone you trust.

Our body communicates with us through these symptoms, showing what needs to be done to bring greater wellness again.

After this, Rose came to see me with her newest addition and with her older daughter and I have helped them with many things including travel remedies, teething, sleeping, weaning and temper tantrums !


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