Slowing down, and helping your digestion

Aug 13, 2018

Hummingbird Homeopathy on helping digestion

I consider myself to be a healthy eater. Almost 100% gluten free, hardly any refined sugar, very little processed foods, not much meat, and grain free. I am continually changing my diet to find the most optimal balance of foods that will nourish my digestion.

So it was a surprise to me when I found myself ill with terrible acid indigestion and reflux. The stomach pain was severe and my energy was low. I had to take a deeper look at myself.

When I did have a closer look at my digestion, I noticed that it wasn’t only what I was eating, but how.

As a Mum of a lively 4 year old, mealtimes are quite chaotic and noisy. I was preparing the food, and constantly getting up and down throughout the meal to help my daughter. After dinner I would jump straight up to start clearing up and doing the dishes.

I knew my stomach was trying to tell me something. I decided to make the space to listen.


I cleared the decks for the the next two days and spent some time in bed with my journal. I also found an interesting book in a charity shop “ The Alkaline Cure” by Dr Stephen Domenig that I read from cover to cover.

I reflected on how I was not chewing my food thoroughly, and rushing through my meals. Moving onto the next mouthful without even finishing or savouring the last. I could see this as a metaphor for my life. Constantly rushing and moving onto the next thing, before even completing the last.  Not getting the full pleasure out of each moment.

I started eating my meals on my own at first, and began to chew my food properly, at least 20 times for helping digestion. I ate more alkaline foods. It is thought that many illnesses and inflammation in the body are caused by too much acidity in our bodies. Stress also causes acidity.

Each mouthful became a whole new world of pleasure


How much had I been missing !  So many more flavours were released as I continued to chew. I closed my eyes to enjoyed the textures of the food . Wow, a very sensual experience. Such abundance in Nature, the colours, textures, tastes and smells !

I realise now how true this is of life as well. If we could take time to fully chew over each experience we could receive, and absorb so much more pleasure and meaning from it. Perhaps we would also want less of everything. It certainly made me eat less and feel more satisfied.

I love how wise our bodies are. Being Ill can bring so much insight and healing when we take time out to reflect and make change in our lives.

In my next blogpost I will write about the homeopathic remedies, supplements and bodywork that helped to heal my digestion in that week.

Wondering if homeopathy could help your digestion? Book a free 20 minute clarity call with me to find out . Or send me an email. I would love to hear from you


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