Samhain, a time to honour our ancestors

Nov 6, 2017

Samhain is a beautiful time to reconnect with those who have gone before.

I made a simple altar this morning for my ancestors to honour the gifts they have given me. The Japanese believe that the chi, or energy we are born with comes directly from our ancestors. In homeopathy we call it the miasmatic influence. When our genetic inheritance takes the form of illness, we use specific remedies to help change that blueprint to a healthier one. Over time the pattern can change.

I have seen that working with our ancestors can be very powerful, and also life changing. Family Constellations and Shamanic Work can also change and heal our family line.

We can also make the changes with simple rituals. Here’s how I did mine with a simple fire ceremony.

Create an altar with objects to represent your family. Include photographs, things from Nature and objects which represent the gifts you have received from them. Ask yourself what is it you would like give thanks for. Write this down, or get creative and draw it or make a collage. Then ask yourself if there is anything you would rather not take on from them. This could be illness, a pattern of behaviour, the way you relate to the world or destructive thought patterns. Write some words down, or create something to represent it . Something that can be destroyed. When you feel that you have brought all of this into consciousness, and are ready to release it. Make a small fire and burn the items you wish to release.  Give thanks, and complete the ceremony.


If you want to find out how homeopathy can help family traits, or illnesses you can book a free 30 minute call with me here. Or you can email me or call me on 07748491397. I would love to connect with you. Happy Samhain !

Adi Howarth is a homeopath, massage therapist and Mum to 3 and half year old daughter, Nava based in Brighton.


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