Reclaiming the power of your menstrual cycle

Jun 16, 2017

So many women I know dread the approach of their periods each month. It’s a hinderance to our busy schedule. On top of it, we might feel grouchy, low energy and have terrible pain in the lead up to the period itself. Other symptoms of PMS might include bloating, craving sugary foods, or carbohydrates, headaches, cramps, sadness, irritability and the list goes on !

The entry into our menstruating years can also be very unspectacular ! Mine was filled with embarrassment and shame. It happened at school, which happened to be a convent , and I had to go and ask for sanitary protection… strange word protection… from what? In South Africa in the late 80’s, it was a bit like wearing a surfboard between your legs, we actually called it that. And then the shame of having one of my class mates walking behind me loudly singing the song from the tampaxadvert. “ I’m a woman today ! “ Then I had to go home and tell my Mom about it, which I was also dreading.

But what if it could be different to this? What if our cycle was a gift showing us how to manage our energy. Showing us that our energy moves in cycles which are distinctly different. Allowing us to be different at the different times within our cycle. I love this you tube video that has been doing the rounds on Facebook that really shows how different we can be at times of the month As our hormones surge and fluctuate throughout the month so do we.

“As a woman you are coded for power, and the journey to realising the fullness and beauty of that power lies in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle”


This quote comes from an incredible book , called “Wild Power, discover the magic of your Menstrual Cycle ” written by Alexandra Pope and Sjane Hugo Wurlitzer who founded The Red School. They have started a revolution which they call Menstrual Cycle Awareness, which teaches that if we chart our cycle we will get to know 4 distinct seasons . Winter is menstruation. Spring is in the days following the bleeding time. Summer is around ovulation, and the premenstrual time is Autumn. Our cycle is stress sensitive and any health issues will show up in the second half of our cycle towards the period itself. If we are having heavy painful periods, or very heavy PMS symptoms our cycle is showing us that we are out of balance in our lives and that its time to make changes.

5 simple Things you can do to improve our periods and PMS

1. Chart your cycle
2. Change your behaviour- slow down, reduce stressors
3. Change your diet
4. Support your system with homeopathy, herbs and supplements, and bodywork
5. Exercise

These are just a few simple ideas, but I will be exploring more other blog posts about how we can create better health through connecting with our menstrual cycle, This is relevant to you if you are in peri- menopause and you still have a cycle even if it is erratic.


If you want to know more about this sign up for my newsletter, or if you have specific questions about your own cycle health, feel free to book a discovery call with me about how homeopathy can help you and share this post with any women who might benefit xx Adi

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  1. Tarisha

    I love this menstrual wisdom Adi. Thank you. In the first Shamanic Woman event, Earth and Water, women created their own ceremonies to mark one of the following moments of their life: first menstruation, first sexual experience, becoming a mother, entering the menopause. Many women joined the first group to honour their first menstruation and created a very beautiful ritual/ceremony for this. It feels so right to have these moments honoured.


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