Nourishing our adrenals, the missing link in menopause ?

May 11, 2019

Woman juggling work and family life can leave her adrenals depleted

By the time a woman reaches her menopause, she is often at the height of her career, and may have teenage children. The stress of  juggling work, raising children, and a fast paced active lifestyle plays heavily on the reserves or our adrenals.

What happens when we are chronically stressed?

If we are constantly in a state of stress our adrenals are firing all the time. We are designed to be fighting a tiger occasionally, not 24-7.

Years and years of an adrenalin based living is eating into your precious piggy bank of energy.

Why are your adrenals important in menopause?

Our adrenals take over the production of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone in our peri-menopause from our ovaries. The continued production of these hormones by our adrenals is what eases the menopause transition.

If your adrenals are already depleted , they will not be able to perform this vital function.

How we nourish the adrenals with homeopathy

With homeopathic remedies we can do so much for our stress levels and the health of our adrenals. We have specific remedies that nourish and restore our adrenals. We also use remedies that balance and decrease stress hormones. The medicines deregulate your nervous system so you can begin to feel less stressed.

Nourishing your adrenals is an especially important building block in menopause treatment.  Once we restore your adrenal energy, we can help your anxiety, exhaustion, palpitations and lack of sleep amongst other things.

If your adrenal energy is low it can even send you into an early menopause.

Once your adrenal glands are depleted it might take some time to rebuild them. We can definitely do this with homeopathy, but making some lifestyle changes to support this is an essential part of the process.

3 Simple things you can do right now to start nourishing your adrenals.

  1. Do a 5 minute body scan mindfulness exercise daily
  2. Make a nettle tea tonic and drink 2-3 cups daily for a month
  3. Get creative ! dance, sing, paint or start improv comedy
  4. Can you sneak in an afternoon nap? Read my blogpost about the benefits of napping here. 

If this all sounds familiar don’t worry ! There is still time to strengthen and nourish your entire hormonal system.

Do get in touch and book a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out how homeopathy can help you today.

You are also welcome to join my Peri-menopause facebook group HERE for support on using natural treatment for your menopause transition.

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  1. Dawn

    I am definitely chronicly stressed


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