Waking up drenched in sweat, with heart palpitations but freezing ! is how one of my clients describes her hot flushes, Another two women tell me how they have taken to sleeping naked ! While another explains her hot flushes come on in the day while she is at work before presentations leaving her embarrassed and lacking in confidences.

Hot flushes affect around 75% of women going through peri-menopause. There is no solid medical explanation for it, except that the hypothalamus in the brain which regulates temperature is confused by the spikes and troughs in oestrogen occurring.

In homeopathy we see the body as an intelligent system, that is always aiming at bringing itself into equilibrium. We also know the skin is one of our main organs of elimination and detoxification. I like to see the sweats as our bodies way of releasing the excess oestrogen during peak production.

But of course this doesn’t help all the naked women across the land !


Black Cohosh and Red Sage are also useful herb that can help reduce flushes, but are best given by a practitioner as they do have some contraindications.

Supportive Lifestyle Habits

Regular exercise has been shown to help with hot flushes, and is a good idea generally and especially at menopause. Women have less flushes if they are physically active. 20 minutes of cardio excercise at least 3 x a week.

Stimulants like coffee, tea, red wine chocolate and fizzy drinks also seem to make things worse so avoiding them, or cutting down will also help.

Including more vegetables, drinking filtered water and more whole-grains in your meals will also help. Keep dairy to a minimum and make sure its organic, so to avoid the growth hormones non-organic dairy cows are given.

Herbs and Dietary changes will definitely help, but homeopathy can completely transform your health, and will help not only the flushes but help resolve any other tricky aspects of peri-menopause.

You are unique and with homeopathic treatment I would individualise your treatment plan according to your particular set of symptoms.

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