Massage and Homeopathy: Balancing Body and Mind

Mar 30, 2017

People talk about the Body-Mind connection, but what does that mean?  I have been wondering how to bring my bodywork practise together with my homeopathy. My passion has always been our capacity for change and healing, but what is it that connects these two ?  AH….they are both Body-Mind Medicines.

Traditional and indigenous medicines see our body and mind as one, only modern science treats them as separate. Body-Mind medicine sees us as a dynamic field of intelligence. There is a constant flow of communication going on between all parts. Going even deeper ..within our body it has been found that we have “intelligent centres” which are almost like secondary brains within our heart area and our stomach . We are multifaceted , and healing can be approached through many pathways. 

Research is now showing that we can create lasting change within ourselves when we experience a shift in our mental thought processes , which in turn changes the cellular make-up. But it is not only the mind that impacts the body through biochemical pathways. The body holds unresolved emotional trauma in the tissue which can lock us into repetitive patterns of being and thinking. This is where our fascia comes in.. as this is where it gets stored. My next blog post “Fascinating Fascia- The Shapeshifter of our body-mind will explore this wonderful organ in great detail !  For now I thought I just look at some of my favourite ways of nourishing and healing our Body Mind.


Scientific research shows that when the mind is stilled and present, it is possible to let go of old beliefs and habits which can create healing in the body about it

Talk therapy can help us access and express our innermost feelings which allows to release any toxic emotions which may be standing in the way of health

3. Get a massage !

We store trauma and memory in our cells, when we receive a massage, our parasympathetic nervous system is activated which takes us out of fight flight and into a deep restorative state. And the trauma can literally be detoxified in the process.

4. Do Yoga

Yoga is the best way to stretch our fascia which helps release emotions and trauma over time, and literally enables us to change shape !

5. Excercise/Dance

 Moving our bodies literally moves energy.

6. Homeopathy

We release emotion in the consultation through talking and connecting deeply with the energy of the trauma. Homeopathic remedies further detoxifies our system to support this process.

7. Healthy Eating

A varied diet with plenty organic fruit, vegetables, healthy proteins and wholegrains, and low on refined sugars and processed carbohydrates.

Do get in touch with me if you would like to know more about how you can bring greater balance and health into your life through Massage or Homeopathy. Call me on 07748491397 or email me


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