Maori Healers in Brighton

Apr 28, 2018

Adi Howarth Homeopath and Ata Rangi Maori Healer


As I walked into the large sunny flat, I could hear a guitar playing and a rich male voice singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”

There were quite a few people scattered about in the room. Some were relaxing on sofas, other people were talking quietly or embracing.  I was given an intake form to fill in that asked where I was experiencing pain in my body… hmmm good question ! I looked over into the conservatory, where there were some massage tables with people being worked on. I locked eyes with one of the largest men I have ever seen. He was putting down his guitar.. He had a number of tribal Maori tattoos on his arms and I seem to remember he had some front teeth missing.

As I finished filling in my form, the person said I would be having my treatment with Manu. The large man beckoned me over. My legs felt like jelly as I walked towards him. He watched me as I walked over to him.

The first thing he said was “You are a scaredy cat ! “ He was right !

For the first time I noticed the people having treatments next to me. There was a whole range of emotions going on in that room from ecstasy, to tears to laughter and other things that do not have a name. I suddenly felt even more afraid. He asked me to lie down on the massage table facedown and proceeded to sit on me. Now this man really was rather large, and I started to panic and couldn’t breathe properly, my arms went into spasm. I could hear them telling me to breathe, and that it would be ok. He told me that I had let someone “sit” on me, and that he was going to take them out of my body.

This was my first experience of Romi Romi massage, and the Maori Healers. When I got off that table the first time I truly felt like I was reborn and completely free. This feeling lasted for quite some time and I definitely felt like things in my life shifted for me after this.

The next time I saw Manu was about 3 years later.  I had been trying to conceive for about 4 years with no luck, and after a miscarriage. When I arrived I specifically asked to see Atarangi Muru, a wonderful Maori elder who specialises in women’s health.  I thought …”This time I will not have to go with Manu.”  Even though I knew how profound the healing was, I was still afraid !

About halfway through my treatment with Ata, I saw her call Manu over. I heard her say “ We need to put her eggs back in the basket”

They proceeded to do this for me, and told me I could hit Manu if I needed to when I felt the pain , which i did ! Needless to say I did become pregnant in the year that followed and I am sure some of that was attributed to the treatment I had with them.

Every time I have met the Maori Healers it has been a profound experience. Sadly, Manu has now passed away, but I was lucky enough to have the Maori Healers working from my home in Stanmer Village last year and witnessed some amazing healings for people in my community here in Brighton. Everyone in my family had a treatment, even Nava !

If they are ever in your neighbourhood . Do not miss the opportunity to have a treatment or study with them. You will not regret it ! What we do for ourselves, we do for all our relations.

 The Maori Healers will be back in Stanmer Park, Brighton on 7th and 8th May 2018 for treatments, and 12th and 13th teaching Romi Romi Massage. You can contact me on 07748491397 or for more information and for bookings.


Adi Howarth is a Massage Therapist, Homeopath and Mum to 4 year old Nava. She practices in Brighton and treats people remotely using Skype.


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