When we were young , the menopause was far away from our thoughts !

I remember my first period and many of my friends were painful, irregular and downright disheartening. 

Instead of balancing our hormones with homeopathy and herbs, we were offered the pill.

Later on, we were discovering our sexuality. We were not taught how to chart our cycle and know when we were fertile. We were again given the pill. Brilliant article here on why young girls need periods. Read later. 

The pill is also routinely prescribed for:
  • acne,
  • endometriosis
  • pcos
  • lack of periods
  • menstrual cramps
  • primary ovarian insufficiency
  • heavy periods.

How the pill affects our menopause


The pill floods synthetic oestrogen and progesterone into a woman’s body, sometimes for years on end. This stops a woman from having her own natural cycle, and confuses and controls her ovaries and uterus.

The pill disrupts our bodies own ability to produce and regulate oestregen and progesterone. 

After stopping the pill, we want our bodies to work naturally again.  It’s not always that simple. Getting pregnant and staying pregnant after the pill might be tricky. Menopause can be a struggle.

During menopause our bodies are going through a huge amount of hormonal fluctuation. The legacy of the pill is that has changed our bodies capacity to regulate hormones at an extremely crucial time. Our bodies are having to so much harder to try and achieve hormonal equilibrium, which can leave us with extreme menopause symptoms. 

Homeopathy can re-set our system so it works as it is designed to in menopause


With homeopathy we can work with this tricky situation in a number of ways.

Our homeopathic remedies operate by helping all parts of our body to function and perform effectively. We also use remedies to detox the pill. Our hormonal system is no longer confused by the messages sent out by the synthetic hormones in the pill.

By removing the pill  we create a clear pathway.  Once this is done, we can move onto nourishing and supporting our hormones and all parts of the body.  This will help us move through the menopause with greater ease and vitality.

If you have been on the pill and are struggling with your menopause do get in touch for a Free 15 minute session with me. You can book it HERE.

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