Homeopathy for preventing sunburn and dehydration

Jul 5, 2018

Child in the sun , Hummingbird Homeopathy for preventing sunburn

Summer is here and we are enjoying unusually hot weather in the Uk. It’s easy to over-heat, dehydrate or develop sunburn.

People in hot countries really slow down in the heat, often sleep in the afternoon, stay in the shade and make sure they are near large bodies of water !

I have a few top tips for dealing with the heat with natural remedies.

Your Summer Holiday List

1x Homeopathic Family Kit  (I recommend either the Essential Kit from Ainsworths, or the Helios 36 Family Kit)

1x Sol 30C

1x Urtica Urens 30C

1x Aloe Vera Gel (100% natural)

1x Organic Suncream Factor 30C ( Neals Yard)

Sol 30C helps with any effects from sun and heat, and can be given 3x daily in hot weather for a couple of days to help adapt to the heat.

My top 4 remedies for sunburn

Cantharis 30C

Blistering, burning pain, person is very sensitive to touch. Better for cold applications.

Belladonna 30C

Symptoms very intense with redness, heat, throbbing and burning . There may also be a headache or fever with it.

Urtica Urens 30C

Prickly, stinging and red. Takes the sting out of the burn.

Sol 30C

For all types of sunburn especially with redness, itchiness and heat. Useful in any situation.

After sun care

In case you do get caught out and get sunburnt. Aloe Vera is absolutely wonderful at cooling the skin and healing the burn. Coconut oil is also good or a vinegar bath to soothe the burn. Drink lots of water.

Dehydration is also a concern especially with the little ones. Keep out of the sun between 12-2 when the sun is at its fiercest. Give them water, coconut water or breastmilk for babies. Soft fruits like grapes, berries and diluted fruit juice are also very rehydrating for our bodies.

Top homeopathic remedy for dehydration is China 30C


Give the remedies 3-4 times daily until there is relief, usually for a couple of day.

Make sure your suncream is organic and has no nasties in, especially for the little ones. There is evidence that chemical based sunscreens are not only toxic for us but also for ocean life.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and remember to pack your remedies .

Do also get in touch if you have any other holiday or travel related questions as there may be natural alternatives available to help you.

Not sure if I can help?

Skype/Facetime appointments available

Adi Howarth is a homeopath, massage therapist and mum to 4 year old daughter working in Brighton at The Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic. 


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