Homeopathy for School Anxiety

Nov 30, 2017

Adi Howarth Homeopath for School Anxiety

Starting School or nursery is a big transition, and children respond to the change in different ways. Some thrive on the stimulation, others shrink.

It’s a new place, with new things, and new people. Mummy and Daddy, are not there anymore and instead there are new adults with different ideas and rules.

Even going up to secondary school can be quite a change. Especially if you have gone from a small school to a much bigger one. Coupled with all the hormonal changes that puberty brings this can be stressful and emotional time for some young teens.

In both the younger years and the teen years, the child is stepping out into the world and beginning to establish their identity as separate from their parents. As parents, we can help them by slowing the pace at home, listening and empathy, while they shed their old skin and become their new selves. 

A playful approach is always what turns the tables. A bit of “rough and tumble” can help us reconnect when things get stressful. I love the book “Playful Parenting” by Lawrence Cohen that talks about the healing power of play and laughter to help release stress. And it’s good for us adults too !

Homeopathy is an amazing help with the transition to school and these are my favourite remedies.


 If the child is very clingy, weepy and starts getting lots of snotty colds .


The child really does not want to go to school , but settles when they are there. They are too shy to stand up the teacher and feel insecure, but at home they can be very bossy and demanding and even violent.

Calc Carb 

Children who don’t like any changes to their routine and they might be shy at first in a situation. They might hang back and be cautious but once they are used to the situation they are ok.

Nat Mur

Good for teenage children who can become quite withdrawn and shy . They might develop headaches, behave dramatically at home, slamming the door of their room and listening to sad music.

Arg Nit

For children who are very anxious about going into school. They might get a sore tummy or diarrhoea in the morning.

Does this sounds like your child? Give the chosen remedy for a week in a 30C potency morning and evening and see if things improve.

If there is no change, they need a deeper acting remedy and the help of a homeopath.

Please share this post with any other parents and children who might need some help with the transition into school 

If you want to chat with me about how homeopathy can help you, you can email me at adi@project1-9j9yww6zui.live-website.com or schedule a free 30 minute discovery call here. 



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