Jan 30, 2017

Any Mum who has children will have been in a similar place. You all know what I mean. We spend  9 months growing a human being. Our organs get shifted into strange and unknown pockets within our bodies to make space for the growing little person. We become as large as a baby elephant, and end up wearing garments of clothing that we had never seen or heard of before we entered this realm of becoming motherhood. Our body produces some strange symptoms which might include things like crying at silly adverts on television, or vomiting at the smell of your partners aftershave or perfume !

Then we spend however long in labour going through immense physical and emotional hurdles while our body again shifts shape so our beautiful baby with its ever so large head can make its way down the birth canal and out into the world. Job done ! …actually no.

I certainly did not take into account the postnatal recovery after the birth of my daughter. I spent so much time focussing on the preparation and birth that I somehow skimmed over this section. I was completely exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally after a two and a half day labour. My daughter and I also had many problems with breastfeeding. There were problems with how she was latching on, and I spent many hours trying to get her to feed. The further lack of sleep and exhaustion from the birth led me into a very low immune state with much anxiety. When I became delerious with fever we discovered I had a breast abscess and a form of Raynauds Syndrome which made the breastfeeding extremely painful.

There were a number of homeopathic remedies that helped me through this period. Silica 30C and Hepar Sulph 30C helped my breast abscess to clear, and Arg Nit helped me with the anxiety as well as Cocculus 30C for the sleep deprivation !

Many homeopathic remedies can be used as a support to the new Mum and Dad, and the baby of course . As a society we are not that good at talking about this, rather soldiering on stoically or looking on the bright side. I would love to be able to support more new mothers in this very precious time of life in which our little ones are still formulating their impression of the world. We could be doing more for Mums and Dads to help support them at this time. I would love to work with any mothers feeling anxiety, especially new mothers as I know how well homeopathy and talking can help them.

Please like and share this article with any struggling Mum or Dad. I am available on Skype and in person for appointments. 

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