Homeopathy – my story

Apr 10, 2017

Its hard to explain what homeopathy is to me.. and why I decided to study it because it feels like its always been with me !

17 years ago I went to see a homeopath in Brighton for digestive troubles. I had just arrived in the Uk from South Africa and I was also feeling homesick. We had a few consultations and not only did my digestive issues improve but I started feeling so much better in myself. I felt clearer, happier and had more energy.

I was completely intrigued by this medicine made from minute amounts of a flower. The homeopath described the flower as being flexible , yet strong enough with-stand gale force winds. After taking the remedy I too felt strong and flexible again. It was like magic.

I could feel the change in me, and that was enough for me to embark on studying homeopathy. It felt completely natural. I have been a homeopath now for 14 years. I work with children and adults either from my home in Brighton, or with clients from anywhere with skype.  It is so much a part of my life, that it is hard to separate it out from it !

It is the “go to” medicine in our house and we use for everything from cuts, bruises, tummy aches, headaches and nappy rash ….to anticipatory anxiety and grief.

I see my homeopath every 6 weeks or so and the remedies I have received continue to help me grow and support my inner journey as I go through my life. The relationship I have with her is very special and she is able to hold a therapeutic space for me to work through whatever I am going through and also to prescribe remedies to help me. 

There are constant ups and downs in life and homeopathy is there as an ally to help me and my family through things. I have suffered with anxiety since I was a little girl and homeopathic remedies have really helped me with this. I also used only homeopathic remedies to help with improving my fertility when I wanted to become pregnant, all the way through my pregnancy and then for the birth and beyond !

There are certainly many ways “to skin a cat” ! But I have found homeopathy to be a gentle, non toxic and effective medicine that is great not only in illness but also as a preventative medicine.

If you want to chat about how homeopathy could help you or your family, feel free to get in touch to book your free clarity call. adi@project1-9j9yww6zui.live-website.com


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