The Hollow Woman – a case of treating PMT with homeopathy

Apr 11, 2017

Nina, is a 44 year old Mum to a 2 year old and stepmom to 2 teenagers. She came to see me because of very heavy PMT. In the lead up to her period she would feel extremely depressed and want to shut off from the world. In her own words she said : “ I don’t know myself anymore, I feel like a hollow person”

She felt completely ground down by all her domestic chores and the responsibility of looking after the children. After the birth of her child she had developed post natal depression as she found she could not bond with her daughter.  Nina was also suffering from panic attacks. which she had had for almost 5 years. She loved her husband, but he had a strong character and she found it hard to stand up for herself and get the help and support she needed. Before the birth of her daughter she had been an artist, but now she simply didn’t have the energy.
When we dug a bit deeper into her life story we discovered a pattern of abusive relationships and a tendency to ‘rescue’ other people. She always put other peoples needs before hers.

She was also struggling with her weight and had tummy bloating and candida type symptoms.

I really felt for her, as a Mum and stepmum myself I could  relate to her story. As we chatted through her case history we discovered that many of her symptoms seem to start after she had taken the pill in her twenties.

We set about detoxing the effects of the pill through a course of homeopathic remedies and within a couple of months Nina was much better. Even after 1 course of remedies there was an improvement. She became more optimistic as her energy levels improved, and came up with ways of changing patterns of behaviour within her own life.

We also looked at her tendency to rescue other people and the abusive relationships giving remedies to support and heal the emotional wounds from these events. It took about 6 sessions, but the depression, anxiety, pms and candida all improved within a few months of taking homeopathic remedies.

The homeopathy detoxed the negative effects of taking the contraceptive pill. Once this happened, we were able to rebalance Ninas hormones so her period could establish its own health natural rhythm again.

I wish more women knew that their PMT can be treated , and that there is often an aftereffect from taking the pill. If this story sounds like you, feel free to get in touch with me to find out how homeopathy can help you. Or share wth other women who you think might benefit


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