Grounding as an antidote to anxiety

Mar 13, 2017

girl dancing in nature as a way of grounding

Why is Grounding important?

When our energy is too gathered in our heads and the upper parts of our body we become unstable, physical, mentally and emotionally. This can lead to clumsiness, panic attacks, anxiety, sadness, depression or just lack of focus and scattered feelings. We are using our bodies 60% less than our ancestors did and are spending so much time sitting in front of computers that we are becoming ungrounded easily, not to mention our brains being completely overstimulated and overloaded with information.

In my Body Brain chi kung class we usually spend most of it doing exercises that help our energy drop down into the ground. This helps us to feel more stable and centred and helps every system in our body work better.

These are my favourite ways of grounding myself when I feel uncentered.

1. Mindful Breathing

Simply sitting on the ground and connecting with my breath. I become of aware of my breathing as it moves in and out. Gradually extending the outbreath and letting it come from the abdomen really helps to relax the mind. I notice my body touching the earth, the weight of my body dropping down. Even 3 breaths done in this way will completely change your mental state.

2. Get into Nature

One of my favourite ways of grounding myself is to walk barefoot on the earth outside. There is a common Hindi belief that walking on the grass in the morning is good for your health. Our feet are full of acupressure points and walking on the earth stimulates these points, connecting with the energy of the earth neutralises our own electrical circuitry.

3. Move your body

One of the best ways I know to ground myself is to move my body vigorously ! Dancing, yoga, exercise all help release endorphins that make us feel good and help us feel our bodies. We become aware of our breath, our blood pumping, our hearts racing.


Massage and other bodywork can really help bring us back into our bodies. Either treat yourself to a massage from a therapist or swap with a friend. Use your intuition to guide your movements,  and let yourself receive from them in turn. Ahhh Lovely !


Many homeopathic remedies can help with grounding. Arnica is a good one, if you have been travelling alot and feel very scattered. Other great homeopathic remedies for grounding are Black Obsidian, Clay , Copper Beech, Oak and the African Tree Essence Stinkwood. Interesting how most of them are made from minerals, earth and trees !  I also find when people do a homeopathic detox it really helps to bring one back into the body !


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