Hummingbird homeopathy meets food anarchist Sandor Katz, Brighton

Jun 23, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending a revolutionary food event in Brighton this week hosted by Darren Ollerton of Alchemy Flow, Brighton. It was an evening devoted to Fermented Foods with the legendary Sandor Katz doing a workshop on the benefits of adding fermented foods to our diets.

It was held in the first ZERO WASTE restaurant in Brighton, Silo in the North Lanes. We were served an incredible buffet of fresh raw foods accompanied by an assortment of fermented pickles and foods.

Sandor developed a passion for fermented foods while on a mission to heal his body, after he discovered he had AIDS. He now travels the world teaching and documenting traditional fermented foods still enjoyed by indigenous peoples everywhere.

Examples of fermented foods: kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir drinks, miso , tamari and yoghurt

Benefits of Fermented Foods

Starts predigestion

Makes food easier to digest

Releases minerals

Creates more vitamins

Breaks down pesticides

Aids detoxification

Contains probiotics 

Contains important enzymes and anti carcinogenic substances

Preserves Food

“We are at our most vulnerable when we make our environments and our bodies too sterile” Sandor Katz

Millions of people are now suffering from gut problems. We now know that our immune system is directly linked to the health of our digestive system. The proliferation of allergies and auto-immune diseases that we see today is a direct consequence. Serotonin and many other chemicals in the brain are also regulated by our guts. So our gut health is directly connected to mental health problems. Our digestive system is also vital for the elimination of the products of hormonal production. It is therefore powerful in regulating and balancing any hormonal issues in our bodies. Menstrual problems, skin complaints and symptoms of menopause amongst other things can be helped if our digestion is healthy.

The bottom line is the more diverse our diets the better. In the same way that the earth needs biodiversity to have a healthy stable system so too do our bodies.

Things you can do today:

Drastically reduce or cut out refined foods and sugars. Reduce your grain intake, and make sure its a wholefood source if you eat it. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Do remember that its not one size fits all , and if you already have a pre-existing health condition,  it is advisable to first seek help from a practitioner. Candida and other digestive complaints will need treatment first. Once you are back on track you can start experimenting with introducing some fermented foods into your diet, or even better makes some Sauerkraut its easy ! 


If you want to know more about how to improve your gut health using homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, sign up for my newsletter or book a discovery call with me. I am a homeopath and massage therapist based in Brighton and treating clients from all over the world using Skype. Share this post with anyone who might benefit xx Adi



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