As if things weren’t bad enough.

Mother nature is telling you, you are no longer fertile.  And now your body is telling you it is inevitable, you are getting older , and your aching joints prove it.

Why is it happening now?

Falling oestregen levels at menopause cause dehydration in the joints and can make them rub together creating pain. Stress, and diet high in processed foods and sugars, will also create acidity in the body which again causes dehydration.

If there are excess toxins in the body or the liver is flooded with hormones, which can happen at menopause, these can also get deposited in the joints which is safer than leaving it in other areas of the body.

What can you do about it?

Homeopathy is very effective at helping joint pain and inflammation at any time, but especially in per/menopause. With homeopathy we can address the joint pain in a few ways. We can rebalance your hormones with remedies so that oestregen levels stabilise. We can use remedies to decrease your stress levels and create a more alkaline environment inside your body. The remedies can also help with rehydration and absorption and assimilation of vitamins and minerals from your foods and supplements.

Problem with conventional treatments

Ibuprofen type medications do reduce the pain. But when taken long-term, have been shown to cause destruction of cartilage so are definitely best to avoid.

This is where homeopathy really comes into its own, as there are no side effects.

My go to prescription for aching joints and stiffness

Arnica + Rhus Tox + Ruta combined in a 6c taken 3 times daily.

The Arnica helps your muscles, the Rhus Tox is good for supporting muscle, ligaments and joints, and the Ruta for the cartilege and connective tissue. Stop taking the remedy when symptoms ease. If they return, repeat but stop again when things are better.

This will help a good percentage of you with your achy joints and muscular pains but will not address the underlying hormonal imbalance. 

If things don’t resolve with this remedy get in touch with me and book a full consultation.

It just means you need a deeper acting remedy that takes your full menopause health picture into account, especially your fluctuating hormone levels which are no doubt at the root of it. We can look any other peri-menopause symptoms at the same time and give a more thorough prescription.

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Other things you can do to support your achy joints

  • Keeping your body moving with gentle exercise and movement, especially dancing and swimming
  • Adopt an anti- inflammatory and alkaline diet
  • Include Vit D, Calcium and Omega 3 oil supplements.
  • Keep rehydrated

You can read more about supplements and other natural remedies for joint pain later in Dr Axes article here

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Adi Howarth is a homoeopath based in Brighton, specialising in peri-menopause, treating clients internationally using Skype/Zoom calls.