Cough Remedies for Children

Nov 30, 2016

image of child in Autumn when cough remedies are needed

Tis the season to be coughing ! Seems like all the children I treat have coughs at the moment. In one of my older homeopathy books it says: ” a cough is but an effort of Nature to remove some obstruction or to throw off some accumulation”  But it sure doesn’t feel positive when we just want a sure fire cough remedy to stop that cough !

As the leaves change colour, and we move from Autumn into Winter our bodies are adjusting to the change. It is often a time when we develop seasonal colds, experience mild detoxification and our susceptibilities are triggered. In the same way that the leaves fall, and trees need to be pruned, our body clears the debris, which may be keeping it from performing optimally as it draws in for the Winter.

In children, they are constantly growing and changing at such a rapid pace, and continuously adapting to new situations and experiences. They are always strengthening and building their immune systems. In homeopathy we see colds and coughs as a sign of a healthy response and only treat them when they are debilitating, painful or depleting the child’s system. Coughs respond well to homeopathic remedies but can be tricky, as symptoms will often change and will need the remedy changing to match.

Here are a few key cough remedies:

Dry Coughs

Aconite: sudden, intense, often after cold dry wind, high fever, starts after midnight, often with panic

Bryonia: painful chesty, often holds sides when coughs, worse lying down, irritable

Phosphorous: tickling, chesty, worse laughing, talking, eating, worse moving from outside to inside or inside to outside

Spongia: dry suffocating, barking cough, often better lying down (croup remedy)

Drosera: deep barking, spasmodic, much worse on lying down, can be tickly, cough can end in retching or vomiting (whooping cough)

Wet/Loose Coughs:

Ant Tart: Very rattly and chesty cough, spasmodic coughing which leaves child exhausted and its very diffucult to bring the mucous up, “smokers cough:

Ipecac: Easy expectoration, frothy, can end in vomiting or retching mucouse, spasmodic coughing (bronchitis/whooping cough)

Hepar Sulph: Painful, barking cough starting to loosen, child can be irritable and very sensitive generallly and especially to the cold

Pulsatilla: changeable cough, can be dry/wet in day, but loosens in the morning, lots of expectoration, yellow green phlegm, clingy, weepy. irritable child

Take a 30C of the remedy 3 x daily. If no change after this, re look at the symptoms and change the remedy.

If coughs are not clearing up with basic remedies, the child might need constitutional treatment which will take into account their full history and their susceptibilities which will be linked to the family tendencies in illness. All these can be worked through in a course of homeopathic treatment.

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