The Case of the Sneezing Man- Homeopathy helps hay fever

Apr 12, 2017

man treated with homeopathy for hay fever

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with the Travelling Homeopaths Collective. This is a charity that treats thousands of people with homeopathy every year at festivals around the Uk. The clinics are run as a drop in for acute complaints. We treated all sorts of things including sunburn, hay fever, headaches, conjunctivitis, insect bites and piles !

One of my favourite cases was when I treated a lively 80 year old man for hay fever symptoms. He came along with his wife who kept interjecting with more information each time he stopped to sneeze. On looking at his eyes they were swollen, and very red. He seemed to be scratching them quite a bit which would help at first but then make it much worse. There was a thin, clear discharge coming out both eyes which was burning his eye, and he said it felt like there was sand in them. Sunlight would make it worse. He had been a metal worker his whole life and suffered with terrible allergies in his eyes.

He was still in good spirits and full of stories about his life but the hay fever was hampering his fun at the festival !

I prescribed some homeopathic remedies to be taken over the next few days and made up some eyedrops with eyebright tincture to help relieve the itching.

The next day I bumped into him at the festival and his eyes looked so much better. The swelling had gone down and the itching and sneezing had stopped. He was amazed !

I never saw him again, but if he had been a client I would have continued to look at his susceptibility to getting hay fever every year and treated him with homeopathic remedies to help his system to strengthen so that it did not have such an allergic response to pollen in the first place. I would have also looked at any toxicity in his body that may have remained after his exposure to various metals.

Its one thing to treat hay fever in the acute stages and another to look at what might be underlying it. There are many documented cases of treating hay fever homoeopathically with success although it can take a series of treatment rather than just one or two consultations.


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