My journey into motherhood presented me with a series of health issues, and that’s where I discovered the power of homeopathy


It all started with a few white pills and a chat with a kind lady. I was inspired by how something so small could have such a huge effect on me that I decided to complete the 4-year training at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London.
Although, it was when I became a Mum I truly discovered the healing power of homeopathy.
We took some time to conceive, and then had a miscarriage before finally having Nava. Her birth was long, and there were complications. I managed to have her completely drug free and at home with the help of homeopathy. Just two weeks after she was born I developed a breast abscess, and had many difficulties with breastfeeding. It was a very low period for me and I suffered with anxiety and depression.
We got through it successfully and I breastfed her until she was 2 years old. Homeopathy was there to help me with the mood-swings, the painful breasts, lack of sleep and more !
photograph of hands holding flowers representing the gifts of homeopathic treatment

A little more about me

I am originally from South Africa and my heart feels most nourished in wild open spaces

My partner and I built our own ecological house which was featured on Grand Designs

I’ve written a vegetarian cookbook

I started the Brighton Red Tent a women’s circle meeting monthly

I am a stepmum to Tula and Moris, and I have 3 chickens !

image of hummingbird which is the logo of hummingbird homeopathy

My curiosity for evolution + healing has led me
on to further explorations and training in:

Person Centred Counselling
5 Rhythms Dance
Family Constellations
The Artist’s Way
Women’s Circles
Shadow work

I incorporate all of these influences into my work